#ae                                #ad

     ..en souvenir de mon .ma%tre
         charles tournemire.'
         cinq improvisations
              pour orgue
          charles tournemire
          ;reconstitu=es par
           maurice ;durufl=
         ;iii4 improvisation
           sur le 8te deum0
  g4p4r41 ;p=d4 tutti

           largo4 _a ;7#ef
         >g'p'r'> >ff' grandioso>
j .> #b4 _8.f'-_8(-
 a_> #b4 _8_f'_8(
         >;p=d' g'p'r'>
  ^> #b4 ^f'c(c
a .>.s-.c i-m_8_8(+0i'+0)#3
  _>_s@c  im_8_8"&+e'+9z+0
  ^>^s@c  ixxmz

If the text above is not displayed in braille you will need to download the SimBraille TrueType font and install it on your system.
On both Mac and Windows, double-clicking on the downloaded font should automatically install it on your system.
If that's not the case, you can manually drag the font file to the appropriate system fonts folder.
On a Mac, that's usually /Library/Fonts. On a PC, it's C:\Windows\Fonts.